Welcome to Twin Valley Nature Park!

We are excited to be welcoming everyone back to the park this season! As we continue to grow and evolve, we promise to do our best to provide you with the same tranquil and beautiful experience you’ve always had with us. Unfortunately, we can no longer guarantee entry for walk-in groups. Our parking lot is petite. This offers a spacious experience in the park but does not accommodate a large volume of visitors. Once our parking lot is full, we are full. There is no overflow parking available at this time, carpooling is always a great option.

Organized groups arriving on a bus are guaranteed entry but we will no longer be able to accommodate bus parking.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and do greatly appreciate your understanding.

Our Herd Rates!

Our group rates apply for organized groups of 15 or more payable guests. Children under two are free and do not qualify as a payable guest. Your trip must be fully paid the day of your visit. We will no longer be invoicing of billing afterwards.
Adults $17.00
Children $9.50

School Groups & Staff

Teachers, Educational Assistants, E.C.E’s, and Essential Support/Nursing staff are free when wearing your ID badges. Parent volunteers are not free, but do get to enjoy our discounted group rate when they are included in the group count and payment. Payment must be made in full upon arrival. We are no longer invoicing but are happy to issue a receipt if needed. Please have one representative come into the gift shop to give us your total number and make full payment of all guests, including parent volunteers. The rest of the group will be let through our side gate to avoid congestion in the gift shop.

Please Note

  1. All booking must be confirmed via email, prior to arrival. Letting us know via phone, message or email does not secure your booking. All booking must be paid prior to or upon arrival at the latest! We do not send invoices. The process gives everyone a smooth and enjoyable experience. Failure to follow these steps can result in an unplanned group trip being turned away.
  2. Our Park P’s & Q’s must be bread and understood by all, prior to your visit.
  3. All children, Campers or Clients must be directly supervised at all times. Failure to follow the Parks P’s & Q’s or unsupervised children could result in your trip ending immediately.

Click here to read the Park P’s & Q’s.